Tremendous Survey Feedback Response

Put yourself in the game with others and with God; don’t settle for a mediocre ‘tie,’ give it your all, spending your life on the thing that really matters and lasts forever. – Pope Francis

In only two weeks since we announced the survey for the persistent programs for our Parish Family and the local community, we have already had over 500 views of the survey and half of those have finished their responses, giving us a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the need for these types of activities designed to bring us together in fellowship.  One comment I have heard recently I think is especially true:

As recently as fifty years ago, the Catholic Church believed that by creating belief in its members, it would also develop belonging.  This belonging allowed the church and the community to rely on each other and connect deeply.  And that held true for several decades as the churches thrived and became the center of their neighborhoods and events.  However, it is clearly true now with the research that has been accomplished, that this concept has reversed itself.  Those churches that have not changed are closing.  Now, people in search of community desire the feeling of belonging first.  Once that feeling has been fostered, it then brings people into deeper and closer belief.  That is why this area and the Catholic Church need what we are doing.

I am not anywhere as smart or as experienced as the individual who provided this insight, but it is clear that we are on the right path.

If you have not been able to provide your feedback, I have also listened to some feedback about how to make it easier to get to the online survey.  Our new TinyURL (it shortens our long web address) for the survey is:  Additionally, here is our QR Code that you can point your phone or mobile device camera at:


While the money has been pledged in our Build Our Future, Serve Our Past capital campaign to build our Life Center and some of our other urgent needs, we still need our entire Parish Family to give in order to reach our additional goals, including the detailed execution of the above programs. If you have any questions, please contact Joe Lichwalla, the Campaign Coordinator at 239-495-2001 or email:

You can also learn more information about the Campaign at:

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