The Cornerstone of Life

Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: Year A

Isaiah 5:1-7
Psalm 80:9, 12, 13-14, 15-16, 19-20
Philippians 4:6-9
Matthew 21:33-43

The Cornerstone of Life

We all know the importance of making a building structurally sound by using durable materials. If someone cuts back on the quality of the materials, it can compromise the integrity of the structure. Jesus is the cornerstone and the solid foundation for all Christians. If we remove him as the foundation of our lives, it compromises our lives causing our relationships and way of life to get out of balance.

In today’s parable, Jesus talks about salvation history. He uses the image of a landowner sending servants into the vineyard at vintage time. Each time the servants are killed. He eventually sends his son thinking that his heir will be respected. The tenants also kill the son. Jesus is addressing the chief priests and the elders of the people. He is pointing out to them that God has sent many prophets throughout various times to convince people of His will for them. Unfortunately, their message was too challenging and the prophets suffered and were put to death. Jesus is also pointing out that he is the heir and is predicting his own demise at their hands. He goes on to say that he is the stone rejected, only to become the cornerstone and give the kingdom to a people that will be open and willing to produce its fruit.

Jesus is the foundation of the Church and all of its traditions. The message of Jesus is the substance that offers a concrete manner of life. The message of the gospel is the cornerstone of our lives — creating a solid foundation so that we may enjoy the mansions of heaven. If we live the message of the gospel, we set our feet firmly on the path. Once we move away from the message of the gospel, things quickly get out of balance and our relationships suffer. Messengers of God have always suffered at the hands of those who decide to wander from the path. The prophets held humanity accountable to live justly before God. Their message was radical and transformative. People were urged to reform their lives before their God. Likewise, the heir of God’s kingdom, Jesus, disturbed the complacency of the religion of his time, asking the people to reform their lives and join in the revolution of his love and compassion.

Today, we are asked to reform our lives and each day to contemplate the mysteries of our faith. By the virtue of our very baptism, we are called to be the prophetic voice of God in the modern world. We are challenged to speak out against injustices and to be made accountable for our fellow man. We may well suffer insults when we align ourselves with the message — a message that respects life in all of its stages. It is also a message that calls us to uphold the dignity of humanity by being caretakers of the poor, the needy, and the vulnerable.


Help us, O Lord, to be faithful stewards of your kingdom. Inspire us to embrace fully the gospel of life, making Christ the cornerstone of our lives. Let our eyes be wide open to the world and its needs. Fill us with the passion for your Word. When our pilgrimage on earth has ended, admit us into your blessed vineyard. Amen.


In what ways is Jesus the corner stone of your life?
How does the gospel influence your day-to-day decisions?
What is most challenging in your life?
In which situations to you resist God the most?
How has the wisdom of Jesus changed your life?
What is most honorable in your life?
How does justice and truth bear fruit in the way in which you make decisions?

Voices of Faith

The Cornerstone






When the Spirit hovered over the waters of the deep
And order was the part of the Father’s plan
The cornerstone was in the beginning for the creation of man
The cornerstone – the Word and the Word was with God
And the Word was God – His gift to man

And so it was that God’s creation came to be
A world filled with life, light, and endless possibilities
In His image were woman and man
To be co-creators in this marvelous plan
And God saw it was good…the good of man

As time passed by and sin came to be
Disobedience entered the equation – a serpent and the tree
Beauty was thwarted and paradise lost
God’s will cast aside with great cost
Man’s left behind embarrassed by nakedness and toil

The great events of history unfold
The story of God’s love for the world foretold
By prophets, prophetesses, and patriarchs alike
The rule of God – a way of life
Covenants established and promises made cut off by sin’s blade

And so the Word became flesh and Jesus came
God’s dwells among us to come to our aid
His wisdom and love becomes the cornerstone of life
To put an end to sin and stop to strife
A way of life – a sure foundation be…this Son of Man destined to hang on a tree

The cornerstone builds on God’s foundation and paradise is found
For those who encounter a love profound
Through Christ’s hands God’s healing and love abound
Those who seek wisdom and heaven’s crown
The stone the builders rejected becomes the cornerstone for those heaven bound

—“Peaceful Moments” by Fr. John J. Ludden


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