September 18, 2011

If you were unable to attend the 9/11 remembrance Mass this past Sunday at 9:00 a.m., there is an outstanding recap with numerous pictures on the Naples Daily News website.  Here is the link.

The Mass was completely full with over 1,200 in attendance to recognize the ten-year anniversary of this very sad moment in history.

Ask and you shall receive! My request last week for a gently used refrigerator resulted in the donation of a very nice six-year old unit.  Conveniently, the donor was upgrading to a stainless steel model and was more than happy to donate the old one. Thanks James and Loretta Slattery for your very generous donation.

Work began this past week to install a new audio visual system in the ballroom of the Parish Life Center.  This new system will feature four ceiling-mounted LCD projectors and four 12 fooinstalling new AV systemt screens located throughout the ballroom with a touch screen operations panel.  Regardless of your seat, a good view will be had by all.  With this new system, we will be able to host seminars with Power Point presentations, live streaming and just about anything else you can imagine.  The installation is being performed by Pro Audio Services, and I can assure you that their work is impeccable. As I mentioned several weeks ago, this new AV system is being installed at no cost to the parish.  It is being donated by a local anonymous organization.  The cost for the new system is $55,000.00.

What would Scott’s Corner be without a plug for the Catholic Faith Appeal. As you can see from our CFA analysis, we are well below our goal for the 2011 appeal and sadly, time is running out, and I am now more than a bit nervous.  We need another $154,000.00 in pledges and/or contributions by the end of the year in order to reach our goal.  Obviously, the ultimate objective is to exceed our goal, however, at this point in time I would be ecstatic simply to meet our goal.  Remember that you have numerous options in order to help us reach our goal. You may drop a check in the collection made payable to the Catholic Faith Appeal, fill out a pledge card and send directly to the Diocese of Venice, or you may go to the Diocesan website and make a credit card contribution.  If we fail to reach our goal, the end result will be extremely detrimental to the 2011/2012 operating budget. If you are able, please help us reach our goal for the 2011 Catholic Faith Appeal.

We have opened a new section in the memorial garden for Knights of Columbus. The current section is virtually at capacity and only a few random single spots remain.  The new section is located adjacent to one of the new granite benches which was donated by our very own Knights of Columbus Council 11281.  If you are a Brother Knight (or spouse) and would like to take advantage of your “pick of the litter” with regards to this new section, please contact me to make arrangements.  The all inclusive price is $1,200.00 and includes the opening, closing urn, headstone and plaque.  If you are not a Knight and would like to purchase a similar space in another area of the memorial garden, please contact me to make arrangements.

Have you noticed anything missing outside of the church for the past several months?  It is not a tangible item that has been missing but rather the beautiful sound of the carillon.  The bell tower received a direct lightning strike several months ago.  A representative from Schulmerich Bells came out and replaced the destroyed circuit board, however, the wiring from the carillon to the bell tower was also damaged and had to be replaced. The conduit which houses the wire was also destroyed making it impossible to “fish” a new feed between the two locations. After much research, Jim Follese (parishioner and licensed electrician) has found a solution and assures me that we will once again hear the beautiful sounds of the carillon as early as this weekend. Thanks, Jim, for your diligence in ensuring that the carillon is operational.

Paul Todd will host his first concert of the season on Monday, November 7t, at the St. Ann’s Jubilee Center. This will be a patriotic themed dinner concert to benefit Catholic Charities of Collier County Mental Health Counseling Program Scholarships for Low Income Families.  Please see the informational flyer in upcoming bulletins for further information.

In His work together,

Scott Schlossberg, MBA
General Manager

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