Baptism Preparation

Preparing For Your Baby’s Baptism at Saint John The Evangelist

Welcome to Saint John the Evangelist! We are so excited that you are seeking baptism for your child.  Baptism is a beautiful beginning to a lifelong journey of faith in Jesus Christ.  Together with the parents and sponsors, our entire Christian Community is happy to be here to offer love and support to help your child grow in the faith. The following information is intended to help you and your family best prepare for the sacrament of baptism and the faith commitment you are about to enter with your child.  May God bless you and your family.    -The Baptism Ministry at St. John the Evangelist-

The Baptism Ministry at Saint John the Evangelist: Please call the Parish Office at 239.566.8740, or email us at:

Steps for Baptism Process

  1. Download our Baptism Process and call the office for the registration form.  Please fill out the forms.
  2. Parents should be registered members of Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church to request a Baptism.  Baptisms will be scheduled when all paperwork is completed.
  3. Call the parish office 239.566.8740 to register for a Baptism class.
  4. A person to be baptized needs only one sponsor. If the tradition of having two is desired, choose a man and a woman. The sponsor should be living the Gospel message in their daily personal lives.  They should practice the faith regularly as registered members of their local Catholic parish.  They should have received the sacrament of Confirmation, be at least sixteen years of age and have the proper aptitude and intention to assume this role.
  5. Enjoy your child’s Baptism!  We have this handy Baptism Preparation document for you to to help with the day.

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