Tale of Two Campuses: Updates on the Church and Life Center

It is a huge weekend for our Parish Family here at Saint John!  I hope many of you are planning on joining us in the Pulte Family Life Center after the 11 AM Mass celebrating Father Bob’s 25th Anniversary of Ordination.  The reception will give us all an opportunity to explore the Life Center and the future of Catholic engagement in Naples!  There is exciting news all around for Saint John, so here is an update:

Church Liturgical Environment Renewal

Some of you may remember our renderings of our new church interior.  I wanted to provide more information on this wonderful renewal of our worship space as well as critical details when it comes to making it a more welcoming, safe, and accessible church building.

As you can see, we have removed the Cry Room from the church.  This will allow for more participation in Mass (even the youngest of our Parish Family should be integrated into our space) with more seating.  There are integrated wheelchair seating, which will allow for individuals to sit within the pews, rather than on the side, while staying in their wheelchairs.  The pews will have a 1/3 end cap on them for those needing additional support in standing up.  The permanent Baptismal Font has been placed near the altar to allow for larger celebrations of the Sacrament.  All the exterior doors will have access control functionality to ensure we all can enter safely and these new doors will allow us to add more automatic openers to make it easier to get into and out of church.  The steps up to the new marble altar will be larger and strong marble handrails will provide a stable and safe way up and down for Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers (along with our priests and Altar Servers).  We are so blessed to have this opportunity to enliven and renew our church in such an impactful and positive way.

Life Center Soft Open November 1

Catholic Youth Organization and Catholic Adult Organization have new homes starting in November.  The Pulte Family Life Center will open on November 1 for basic and essential programs.  Every member family will need to sign our Life Center Usage Agreement (copies can be found at the office and online) prior to gaining access.  The building is only for CYO and CAO activities, from our Bocce League to Zumba to Open Mic Night.  Concerts and plays will be hosted on our 60-foot main stage.  Pick-up basketball will begin in the gym.  Our Veterans’ Breakfasts, Luncheons, and Happy Hours will be hosted in the 5 Saints.  Please stay tuned for more information and details on all these activities.

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