Summer Updates

PLC Bathroom Renovations.

We began work last week to renovate the 15 year old Parish Life Center bathrooms adjacent to the ballPLC bathroom updateroom.  We are installing a   travertine stone floor with matching stone on the walls to a height of 5 feet.

We chose the travertine stone to eliminate the grout lines which accompany the installation of ceramic tile.  This will be a much cleaner and richer look when completed.  In addition, we are installing new granite countertops with drop down stainless steel sinks, similar to what you see in the bathrooms in church

Dance Floor & Stage Refinishing.

Work begSanding dance flooran this past Monday to refinish the dance floor and stage in the Parish Life Center. As the attached picture shows, there was nearly eight years of “gunk” built up on the dance floor. Work will be finished by this Friday. The process involves sanding off the old finish and then applying three new coats of polyurethane. Did you know that our dance floor in the PLC is a floating dance floor? What does this mean? The dance floor is not directly installed on the concrete slab but instead there are wood “ribs” underneath the flooring. This process provides some “give” and cushioning to the hard wood surface. If you ever noticed that your feet are not sore after a long night of dancing on our floor, you can thank the floating floor.

Angel Statue in the Memorial Garden.

We are going to install a beautiful kneeling angel statue (pictured) in the memorial garden by the end of August in memory of Andrea Costain who passed away on September 30, 2011. Andrea was a fixture here at St. John the Evangelist and was loved by everyone that knew her. This statue will be a beautiful way to remember Andrea’s presence as an angel in our lives. If you would like to make a donation towards the purchase of this beautiful statue, please contact me at 566-1678.

Meet Bill Maguire – Director of Youth Ministry.

After an exhausting interview process, we have hired a new Director of Youth Ministry.   

Bill Maguire is a cradle-Catholic from Northern Virginia. Like many young people in the 80s, however, Bill drifted away from the Church. This experience of trying to find happiness apart from Christ led to a growing sense of restlessness and the desire to find something more. When he encountered the teachings of Bl. John Paul II, he found that “something more”-and his life was changed forever.

Convinced that evangelizing young people was his life calling, Bill chose to pursue a deeper study of the New Evangelization and how reach the hearts of young people with the Gospel. He received his Master’s Degree in Theological Studies magna cum laude from the John Paul II Institute (Washington, D.C.) in 1999. Since then, Bill has worked with young people in various capacities, including: high school theology teacher (St. Petersburg Catholic); youth minister (Cathedral of St. Jude, St. Petersburg); campus ministry (Ave Maria University); adjunct theology instructor (Ave Maria University).

Bill brings great enthusiasm and excitement to his new position as Director of Youth Ministry at St. John the Evangelist. He is sincerely looking forward to meeting all the young people, families, and parishioners of St. John’s. Bill has a great sense of humor and believes that faith and fun-far from being a contradiction-are both essential to developing a genuine, life-giving relationship with God. As Bl. John Paul II once asked: “Do you think there can be anything greater than bringing Jesus to people and people to Jesus?”

Bill lives in Naples with his three beautiful children: Zoe (12), Maddie (10), and Will (8).



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