Streaming the Mass: Reaching Out with Our Mission

When we first planned to deploy an advanced video streaming solution during our renewal efforts, we never envisioned its essential functionality to our Parish Family.  We wanted to provide a high-quality, integrated tool that would allow for individuals who may have been up North during a funeral or baptism to be able join in remotely.  We thought about our Family members who could no longer drive to Mass but were so dedicated to our church that they still wanted to attend.  We even thought about the families that had little ones in the Narthex that would still like to view the Mass live on our displays while allowing their children to be able to stretch their legs a bit.  Never did we conceive of reaching further into the Catholic Community than our Parish Family and Friends.  However, in the midst of the current crisis, it seems our Masses are connecting people around the world together right here in our church.  We have people watching weekly from Australia and Argentina, from the UK to Kenya.  And, we have viewers from nearly every state in the Union (and our territories too).  Here is a letter of appreciation we just received last week:

Good Afternoon Father Tomasz, Father Paul, Father Arun Paul,

My name is Sister Bernadette McCauley and I am a member of the Sisters of Christian Charity in Mendham NJ.

And currently working with our young women in Initial Formation.

For the past several weeks we have been quarantined due to the corona virus and by minor miracle found your parish.

We celebrate Liturgy each morning with you at 8:00am.

To be honest, we did try other cathedrals, parishes with live stream, but unanimously returned to St. John’s.

For each of us, the reverence, the prayer, the homilies and the atmosphere have brought us much consolation during this time of sickness.

We attended the Holy Days with you as well and found so much inspiration and grace.

We all feel like we are now your parishioners and have recommended your parish to other convents.

Thank you for who you are and all that you bring each day to the celebration of the Eucharist.

We promise to keep you in our thoughts and prayers and welcome you if you are ever in NJ to stop by and meet your long-distance parishioners!

Currently in our motherhouse we have two elderly sisters who have tested positive.  And in the past two weeks lost two other sisters.

Please keep them in your prayers.

Sister Mara  is 91 years old

Sister Mary is 93 years old

Sister Anna was 95

And Sister Mary Agnes was 85.

God bless you.

Currently our motherhouse is in the strictest quarantine.

All sisters are confined to a particular wing of the house.

All meals are packaged  and delivered to respective wings.

We are all wearing masks

We have not had liturgy in our chapel nor any funerals for our departed sisters.

It is a difficult experience for all. And so attending your liturgies is strengthening.

Thank you so very much.

Sister Bernadette

Sister Donna Marie

Sister Elena

Sister Chiara Marie



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