Slow but Steady Progress on Ballroom for Easter

Having faith does not mean having no difficulties, but having the strength to face them, knowing we are not alone. – Pope Francis

Our Ballroom has served many purposes for so many individuals and organizations.  From 700+ people for the Naples Council for World Affairs seminars and Vacation Bible School to intimate wedding receptions for 75 people, from a BeeGees Tribute Night with 500 people dancing to a somber bereavement luncheon for a lost loved one, our Ballroom has been a significant space for both our Parish Family and for the larger Naples Community.   Hurricane Irma took it away from all of us.  The storm destroyed to peaked roof above, allowing water to stream in through 4 separate holes.  The water and wind ripped the doors apart in the back, while the cascade poured down into the storage room, soaking our 600 banquet chairs.  The floors, walls, and ceiling all were saturated to the point that nothing could be saved after 2 weeks without power.  Our demolition took the entire room back to the concrete block walls and floor.  The dance floor that has served thousands of Irish step, ballet, and big band dancers over the years warped beyond saving.  We have now begun the process of rebuilding this amazing space into our “new normal”.  Production LED lighting will provide not only visibility based on the event, but color accents as well.  The walls will be covered in a protective coating that will resist dings and scratches and be easy to clean.  The carpet, divider, and window coverings are all being replaced. 

The Ballroom will be everything we hoped to accomplish with our Capital Campaign, only in a much shorter time-frame due to the insurance process.  We hope to have it ready for Liturgical use for Easter overflow Masses, but please continue to “pardon our dust” as it may not be complete with the new doors, sconces and stage at that point.  We will open it up for events and activities as soon as it is 100% ready to regain its status as the preeminent social venue of North Naples.

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