SJE Continues Mission Even with Suspended Masses

Knights of Columbus and Parish Family Support Children Who Cannot Get their Meals

We are blessed to have such a generous Parish Family, whether that be with our Time, our Talent, or our Treasure. Even in the midst of the public health challenge we are dealing with, when we are called to assist, SJE is ready!

Naples Park Elementary is one of the 27 designated locations by the Collier County Schools for pick-up of free breakfasts and lunches for the children of the area that utilize the free and reduced meals when they attend school. Students must be present at the school to receive these meals to take home to eat. Unfortunately, there are two migrant worker camps whose children attend NPE. They have no transportation to come to the school to receive the food, and the school is not authorized to release the food without the child being present. That means we cannot even take the food to them at this point.

Enter the saviors of the Knights of Columbus and Catholic Charities of Collier County. Our KoC members are now driving down the Judy Sullivan Center Catholic Charities location, picking up Power Packs (a full day of breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for the children, and transporting these Packs to the Workers’ Camps for the children. We were able to provide 80 packs of food to those who would otherwise go without.

If you feel called to assist us with continuing our Mission as a Parish Family and to serve the community, please click on the link below for our online giving:

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