Re-Using Altar for Outside Chapel

When we started the Build Our Future, Serve Our Past Campaign, we never imagined the tremendous and radical transformation we would undergo, mainly due to Hurricane Irma.  With the loss of our church interior from the damage, we have an opportunity to renew and refresh the entirety of the church building, blending the contemporary structure and the traditional feel of Saint John the Evangelist.  As part of that effort, it was determined that we would receive all new liturgical furniture and fixtures, to include a new Altar, Baptismal Font, Ambo (where the Word is proclaimed), and Tabernacle Stand.  In the spirit of preserving the wonderful history of St. John, we did not want to remove these precious items that have served our Parish Family for decades.  Instead, we have built a chapel within the Prayer Garden immediately behind the church.  This chapel can be used for various services during the year, so we hope you will all enjoy this new addition to the capability of joyously living out our faith.

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