Passion Play a Huge Success!

Thank you and the Parish family for the excellent presentation of the Passion play.This is the most moving presentation Of the Passion that I have seen.

Annemarie Dal Pozzol

A huge thank you and a huge hug for the entire cast and crew of the Passion Play! Thank you for all the countless hours and dedication to making this performance so special and beautiful. Most importantly thank you for the connections, the teamwork, and the heart you all put into it as well. This was truly an amazing and beautiful experience putting together this Passion Play with this talented faith-filled bunch.


Kevin Burkwit – Jesus
Kyle VanDuser – Peter 
Mark Puthoff – Judas
Anthony D’Agostino – Andrew
Zachary Gibbons – Matthew
Julien Mourad – Nathaniel
Malachy Bowles – James the younger
Keenan Bowles – Jude
Luca D’agostino – Philip
Hunter Puthoff -Simon
Asa Summers – John
Paul McPherson – Narrator
Jennine Fuentes – Mary/Singer/Music Director 
Regina Avila – Singer
Regina Fahey – Singer
DeChelle Summers – Singer/ Mrs Pilate
Clem DeLuca – Pilate
William Warvel – Caiaphas
Millie Lucanagro – Scribe
Kristen Victory – Scribe
Melana Mourad – Scribe
Jordyn Puthoff – Seller
Milan Puthoff – Seller
Sadie Bowles – Seller
Isla Puthoff – Seller
Clara Bowles – Little Girl


  • Michelle D’Agostino – props
  • Megan McCombs- Director
  • Tammy Gibbons – helped with costumes 
  • John Damasco- Video
  • Mike Woodyard – lights and backstage wonder
  • Dan and Chris from Pro Audio – sound

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