Parish Mission and Life: An Explanation on the Transition from Scott’s Corner

wineskinI want to thank Scott for all his support, encouragement, and expertise. He has made a huge impact on this parish and on all our lives and we are better for knowing him. One of the biggest questions I have gotten recently here at Saint John is: “Are you doing Scott’s Corner now?” With the transition complete of my position from Family Mission to General Manager, I have pondered that question. I could never fill the voice that Scott has had here in the bulletin (and online). I could not do it justice to call it “JP’s Corner”.

In the spirit of our “New Wine, New Wineskins” approach to invigorating and engaging the parish, what I have decided to do is retire the “Corner” concept, just as a great sports player would have his jersey retired. Instead, this section, the Parish Mission and Life, will intermingle faith and mission-oriented topics with operational and financial tidbits. You may have noticed this happening over the past month or so, but it will become even more integrated. I believe the knowledge of the missionary and pastoral focus of our faith and our church helps all of us understand and appreciate the financial decisions we make together. Also, the way the church operates should always come from how to best achieve our mission. It is in this spirit of transparency and connection that I will provide both the details of the function of our parish and church as well as the goals we are attempting to achieve as one cohesive conversation. I welcome all of your input in growing this communication tool with you to ensure it provides all the details, information, and interesting stories you are looking for.

Father John recently said in his homily that the Holy Spirit brings people into our world and into the Church at the time it needs those people and their ideas, plans, and dreams. I hope I can work for all of you with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. By focusing and collaborating on the mission of our church, we can succeed in the renewal and pastoral focus to use our faith in action for those who need our love, respect, and support.

We truly have an amazing, faith-filled parish community. With over 4,000 events that occur here on a yearly basis outside of the Liturgical environment, we are certainly one of the most active and engaged parish communities in Southwest Florida. We assist organizations like the Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon. We travel to places like Immokalee and Jamaica with food, clothing, and volunteers to help feed, clothe and house those that need our support the most, those that have nothing. We support each other in times of trial and we celebrate each others’ successes. Saint John is the living example of what our Holy Father and our faith call us to be. Thank you for letting me be part of this community.

I hope you will enjoy this journey we are on together. I will attempt to work with each and every one of you in our common goals to know, to love, and to serve God in His church and our community. My door, email mailbox, and phone will always be open to you, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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