New Security System for the Future of Saint John

One question we received frequently when educating our Parish Family about the Capital Campaign was “how will you secure this new building?” We had been researching and planning for how to make a building secure but open, accessible, but controlled. The answer came from some of my work with new facilities in Washington, DC. Instead of carrying around a pocket-full of keychains to open every single door, each of which may require a different set of access, we used electronic door access systems. You may have something similar at your condo, or your gym. These fobs are about the size of a small key. They allow us to secure each and every door with specific access to a group, or an individual, at any time, and every day of the week, ensuring the right people have access to the right places when they need it.

Luckily, we built the price of this new system into our Capital Campaign, and not just for the new building. As part of our goals to renovate the other facilities, we will install this security system as well. In fact, if you come to the Parish Offices, you will see the first test case for the access to the priest’s conference room and offices (we call it the Enclave). This will let our Front Desk Volunteers get coffee any time they are working, but only staff members will be able to gain access after the office closes.

In the future, every member of our Parish Family (if they want) can pick up their very own fob. They will be able to access the Life Center, the Adoration Chapel, and all the rest of the facilities without having to fumble with keys or try and remember a pass code. We may not be at the Start Trek “whoosh” doors quite yet, but we are getting closer.

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