New Church Survival Guide: Wheelchair Access

Our human family is completed when everyone is included. – Curt Armstrong

With so many changes to our Church Building, we thought it would be helpful to our Parish Family to provide some suggestions and guidance on how to enjoy this faith-enriching environment.   This “Survival Guide” will take many forms, from this column to a consolidated pamphlet and even walking tours of the church to help us all Finish the Church.  Please join us in embracing these wonderful changes and prayerfully consider any support you can provide to complete this campaign.

From the uneven Spanish tile, to the narrow aisles, to the door thresholds, our previous church building was not very conducive for those members of our Parish Family members in wheelchairs.  This challenge was taken head on with our new church design and so we are proud to have implemented key tasks to ensure wheelchair access to our Sanctuary and the Sacraments is a priority.  Here are some of the changes we instituted:

ADA Approved Confessionals

Our Confessionals were expanded in size to accommodate a wheelchair, so now a penitent individual can enter and turn in any direction so they can receive the healing power of Reconciliation within the Confessional, if they so choose.

Pews with Integrated Wheelchair Seating

We now have 5 locations within the church where the pews have specific integrated seating for wheelchairs.  This will allow those in the chairs to stay right next to their loved ones and our Parish Family, rather than having to transfer to the pew seating, or be relegated to the aisle. 

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