New AC Systems for the Cry Room and Other Parts of the Church

IMG_2430 IMG_2446When creating the Adoration Chapel and several other areas of our church building, several years ago, some of the design and engineering steps needed may have been missed. That is why the Cry Room has always been warm and that the Adoration Chapel would go dark while someone was in quiet prayer for over an hour. We have begun our summer repairs and renovation for our church building, starting with the air conditioning and lighting systems for these areas of the church. New ducts have been installed, ensuring that the airflow in those areas is appropriate and will cool properly. A new ceiling has been installed in the Cry Room as well, completing the renovation for that room, which has been a floor-to-ceiling update, creating more seating space for families that desire to be at Mass, but have children that need a little more space to move around and make noise. The Cry Room is not a “VIP” room, but a joyous and open space for our youngest parishioners and guests and their families to participate in our faith.

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