NET Missionaries: Emissaries of our Mission to Youth and Families

Have you met the young adults that have been engaging our Parish Family and the larger Naples community all school-year long?  You may have noticed them in their blue shirts at Mass or spoken with them at many of our activities this year.  You may have even had the tremendous opportunity to host them within your own home, allowing their positive and infectious energy and love of our faith to impact your life.  They have taken an entire year out of their lives to support and enliven the faith and become missionaries for us.  While we will be saying goodbye to this specific team this week, we will again have a new set of missionaries coming to us this Fall, as the third and final year of our NET Ministry Discipleship Program.

NET Ministries is a Catholic non-profit from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul in Minneapolis that challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Our Discipleship Team combines the efforts of our Parish Family and the NET missionaries to enhance our community and engage the youth and young adults of the area. One aspect of the Discipleship Team is the deep and lasting relationships built between the team members and the youth, families, and others within the Parish Family. Through these personal relationships, team members guide the youth of the parish on their faith journey with Christ. The team works alongside the parish staff to help augment the current ministry programs and ultimately form those in the parish to be disciples in their own community. It takes the entire parish to make this program successful as the missionaries live within our homes to foster these relationships.

Through their partnership, NET Ministries and the parish work toward developing a ministry that will allow the parish to flourish for years to come. Together they work to love, serve, and witness the faith, ultimately drawing others into communion with Christ and each other.  We have been blessed to have these missionaries among us this year, and we are looking forward to having them next year.  If you would like to find out more about NET or how to become involved next year in their efforts, please contact Kyle VanDuser, our CYO Social and Spiritual Coordinator:

We are blessed that one of this year’s missionaries will be returning in a leadership role for our team next year: Will Murley

Hello! My name is Will Murley and since September 2017 I have been serving as a Team Leader with NET Ministries at Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church. It’s been an awesome year of service and it’s been a true joy working with our Catholic youth and helping them to love Jesus and embrace a life in the church. It has been an honor of the highest degree seeing the Holy Spirit work in the lives of our youth here at Saint Johns. I am excited to announce that I will be serving as mission staff for NET ministries in West Saint Paul, Minnesota starting this June. I will be ministering to Catholic youth and challenging them to grow in their relationship with Christ. This will look like 1on1 ministry, small group ministry, and larger events such as giving talks to between 500-1000 youth every month. In order to do this I need to fundraise $7,000. This supports the coverage of food expenses, housing, and other logistical costs. Please consider being a prayerful and financial supporter of mine.

If interested please contact me at 407-536-3285 or email me at

You can also donate directly at

Thank you so much and have a blessed day!

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