Life Center Continues to Take Shape

God, who cannot be outdone in generosity, still uses you and me to help our brothers and sisters. – Pope Francis

As we continue to live out the “Tale of Two Campuses” given our dual challenges of constructing the brand new Pulte Family Life Center while repairing the rest of our campus from the ravages of Hurricane Irma, we must take heart in all the progress we are making.  Each time I walk through the Life Center, it renews my spirit.  The feeling when looking around the gym, or at the space that will eventually be The 5 Saints, our café, really cannot be captured in words.  You have to experience it yourself.  It is overwhelmingly enlivening.  We are excited to be able to start having tours starting up in May as the building is sealed up and the air conditioning is activated.  In the meantime, here are some current pictures from our most recent walkthrough:

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