Life Center Construction Camera is Now Live!

One of our concerns with the Life Center construction has been how to properly secure our site to ensure it is safe to continue with our Parish Mission while still allowing full visibility to showcase the progress of the new building to all those of us that have provided our prayers and our gifts to its success.  There is an additional wrinkle for our Parish Family, with many of us traveling North or on vacations during the summer months.  We do not want anyone to miss out on the transformation.

In order to meet both our safety plan and our communications strategy, we have implemented a powerful visual tool, the OxBlue Camera System.  This camera is now positioned on our construction site, and provides live pictures of all the action of the Life Center development.  Additionally, it provides a time-lapse video on demand that will showcase exactly how far we have come.  Not only do you get to see the building going up, but you can get live weather updates from the site as well.

Now that we have safely rescued and relocated the Gopher Tortoises from our site, we are ready for the construction to commence.  You will be able to watch our progress at:

As we Build Our Future, Serve Our Past, we still need all the gifts, prayers, and support of our Parish Family to reach our Pinnacle Goals.  If you have any questions, please contact Joe Lichwalla, the Campaign Coordinator at 239-495-2001 or email:


Pulte Family Life Center (Naples, FL)

OxBlue Construction Cameras


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