Keeping Each Other Safe and Healthy

Saint John Continues to Enhance Our Healthy Environment to Keep You Safe and Respect Others’ Lives

Our lives have been inexorably altered by the COVID-19 Pandemic and our society’s response to the concerns to save as many lives as possible. Saint John the Evangelist has been focused on providing the safest possible environment, along with living out Our Holy Father’s message about the Pandemic: that we are all here to cherish each other as a community and live in solidarity. Our “New Normal” includes the pastoral vision and plan for how we as a church will be able to live out our Mission during and after the Pandemic Response.

While we continue to respond to the Pandemic, and the changing environment we are a part of, the Parish clergy and staff continue to be grateful for the flexibility and patience our Parish Family exhibits as we follow Federal, State, and Local guidelines, as well as the directives of the Diocese of Venice. Saint John’s leadership takes all these various scientific experts into account when determining our policies and procedures. At this time, we will continue to keep our restrictions in place, with appropriate social distancing, mask wearing requirements, and substantial sanitizing processes.

Our Parish Family is focused on your health and safety and we take precautions that take time and funds in order to accomplish, but are considered essential. We wipe down the pews of the church between Masses. We use an extremely powerful (but EPA-approved safe for the environment) airborne spray to kill all biologics (bacteria and viral agents) in the air and on all surfaces every single night. Bathrooms are disinfected constantly during Masses. Our Faith Formation program, with its socially-distanced environment, also has sanitization occurring in between sessions, both adult and youth classes.

This tremendous effort is all for you and your family to feel safe and comfortable if you choose to come to Mass or classes in-person.

Wearing Masks to Save Others

The requirement to wear masks while in our facilities, including while in the Church, is based on the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the directive from the Diocese. You wear your mask to protect all the other people around you, especially when you are in an enclosed space. Some proper ways to wear your mask are:

Some ways to not wear your mask properly (and therefore not protect or cherish the lives around you):

Thank you again for all your assistance in keeping our Parish Family healthy and safe by wearing your mask and continuing to be flexible as we continue our response to the Pandemic.

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