Getting #ToKnow Our Staff – Open Position for Facilities Manager

IMG_8375One of the most frequent comments I continue to receive here at Saint John is that our grounds and church are absolutely beautiful. This is due to the tremendous efforts of our staff and volunteers that dedicate themselves to enlivening our faith through the environment around us. When you mix this wonderful environment with the joy of our Catholic Faith, how could anyone not want to join our Parish Family? We have a surge of new parishioners that clearly shows this to be the case.

As we are always improving our capabilities here at Saint John to provide the functions of our Church, we have several new initiatives that we are focusing on operationally. One key employee we are looking for that will be core to this efficient, effective, and engaging organization is our Facilities Manager. The capability we are looking fore is more than a normal maintenance staff, but someone that can handle the complex equipment and facilities we use so heavily.

If you or someone you know are interested in and have the requirements to fufill this position, please take a look at our job opportunities page at:

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