Getting #ToKnow Our Staff – Maintenance Staff: Ovidio, Jesus, Sebastian, Eric, and Kathy

Ovidio IMG_9215With over 5,000 events, services, parties, and Masses going on at Saint John every single year, it takes a Herculean effort to set up, manage, maintain, and clean up our facilities and our campus. From small prayer groups meeting in the Library to 300 children attending Faith Formation in all 15 classrooms we have to 400 people enjoying the Super Bowl in our Ballroom, you would think it takes an army to handle all the needs of our parish family’s home. However, we are able to do it with the incredibly hard work of a few dedicated individuals, our Events and Maintenance Staff.

Ovidio Moreno has been working here at Saint John for several years as part of the maintenance staff. You have seen is beautiful stonework across the campus. He is a jack-of-all-trades, from setting up rooms to working in the Memorial Garden to deep cleaning the kitchen, Ovidio always has a warm word for our parishioners and our church. Most recently, given his obvious organizational and interpersonal skills, Ovidio has been promoted to our Event Manager. He is responsible for all facets of event coordination here at Saint John, and communicates with all the groups and people that enjoy their programs in our space. We are incredibly blessed to have one of the hardest working, generous, guys I have ever met working here.

Jesus IMG_9219Ovidio’s right-hand man is Jesus Arce. It always bodes well for a church to have Jesus working daily to assist with events and the grounds. Jesus focuses most of his time on event coordination, with setting up in between different group meetings. He can also be seen after-hours, making sure our evening and weekend events are successful.

Sebastian IMG_9153Many of you already know Sebastian, who has been a member of this parish since he was in high school. He is now responsible for much of our weekend setup and event support. He is very excited about the future of our parish, since he has seen its growth and focus over the years.

Eric IMAG0507Eric joins Sebastian for supporting evening and weekend events. He is the latest addition to our team, but he has already proven himself with several events, making sure even complex issues are handled properly.

Kathleen IMG_9214Kathy Maxwell has been working at Saint John for over 4 years now, as our “housekeeper”. She is much more than that to all of us, taking special care of our facilities with a smile.

Working at St John’s for the past four years has truly brought joy into my life. I love what I do. I have met so many wonderful people who genuinely care about the happenings in my life. Many of you say “Kathy, you are working in God’s house – be happy”. I can tell you all that I am. Others give me a hug or a kiss for a good job and smiles and compliments are constant. I was a lost sheep when I arrived and you took me into your lives. For that I am forever grateful.

This team is constantly ready to assist all of us as part of our parish family. Please join me in thanking them the next time you might see one of them cleaning a walkway or setting up chairs for all their tireless hard work and commitment to Saint John.

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