Getting #ToKnow Our Staff – Choir Director and Cantor Ellie Roberts

The very first time I came to Saint John, it was Ellie Roberts, our extremely multi-talented Cantor and the Director of our Choir, who first introduced me to our Parish Family. From the moment I heard her welcome and then her melodious voice for the Processional song, I understood this was a different environment and welcoming church. In many of the conversations I have had with Catholics around the country, music is a crucial component of our relationship to the Mass. Everyone has different tastes in music (many on display during our Senior Prom), but I think we can all agree that Ellie provides Saint John with the capability to enliven the experience of our Masses and reach into the heart of visitors and parishioners alike.

I began working at Saint John as a cantor in 2002. My first cantor mass was August 15 and I have enjoyed celebrating the liturgy with the congregation ever since. I fell in love with this Parish and the congregation when I heard the people singing back to me during the mass. It’s very rewarding and my great joy to be your cantor for mass, at your weddings, funerals and special occasions. I especially like the fact that this Parrish loves music, sings during mass and is so appreciative of the music ministry.

The infectious joy that Ellie brings to every song and communication here at Saint John cannot be measured. We are all blessed to have her serving our family.

The generosity and participation in all the ministries is what makes the Parish of Saint John the Evangelist so special to me. I pray for all of you all the time because you have a dear place in my heart.

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