Finish the Church: Update on Financial Status and Memorial Gifts

Opportunities to Assist Our Parish in Finishing Our Church

Our Parish Family continues to astonish me every single day. The outpouring of positive and engaging comments of our new church has been overwhelming. While we may still be in the “kicking the tires” phase of this new building, our Parish Family is grateful to be back in our home. Thank you to all of you who have put up with the tremendously powerful Air Conditioning and sometimes squeaky sound system while we continue to refine and get used to our church. Together, we built an intimate, yet open, warm, yet enlivening environment for our Masses, Services, and our Faith Community.

As part of the continued communication about our efforts to “Finish the Church”, we wanted to provide an update on the generosity of our Parish Family, and refine a few comments from the past conversations. First off, while we were able to illustrate how pervasive the $16.4 million in construction that has occurred here at Saint John the Evangelist in just the past 2 years.

After the most recent communication on how we will Finish the Church, there has been a tremendous response. Here is an updated list of available Memorial Gift Opportunities left since just the past two weeks have gone by:

As you can see, many of these priceless options have been spoken for, so if you are still interested in memorializing you and/or your family within our Sanctuary, please contact Jean-Paul Boucher ( or (239) 566-8740 at your earliest convenience.

One question we received from this list is about the brick memorials. We are planning on excavating the area in front of the church that used to be under the opening in the overhang and filling it with these memorial bricks. Just like the brick memorials for the Pulte Family Life Center, we will have the regular bricks available for $1,000. The larger, double-sized bricks are available for $5,000. You can see what the bricks look like at the front of the Life Center:

We hope these brick options give our entire Parish Family an opportunity to contribute to Finish the Church so we can enjoy it for decades to come.

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