Financial Dashboard for the Week of 1/26/20

We want to thank all of you who have provided feedback on these essential details of how our Parish Family gifts have made it possible to achieve our Mission: To Know, To Love, and To Serve God in His Church and Our Community.  In response to many of your questions, we wanted to include our budget planning process to both our Income and Expense discussion. 

Our Income is made up of three core areas.  The Offertory, which includes the donations provided in the collection baskets, as well as our online giving program called WeShare, is the bulk of the funds provided to the Parish.  Our Standard Income includes special gifts provided outside the Offertory, as well as the rental of our facilities, our Religious Education, and our Poor Box, which goes immediately to the direct support program of our Saint Vincent DePaul Ministry.  Our Other Income is made up of the various Ministry activities, the Divine Gift Boutique, and our CYO and CAO Programs.  This past week, the total of all three areas was $87,884.59.

Our Expenses is made up of only 2 areas.  Our Standard Expenses include the cost of the payroll and benefits of the clergy and staff, the operations of our facilities, and the services we provide on a pastoral basis, including our tuition assistance to the local Catholic Schools.  The Other Expenses include Ministry Activities as well as the cost of the CYO and CAO Programs.  This past week, our total expenses were $61,824.41.

We are also now illustrating our weekly budget numbers that were developed a year ago for this past week to illustrate what we anticipated to both receive and utilize.  As you can see, both the income and expense budgeted was below our actual resources.  When we determined our income was substantially more than we planned, we were able to utilize those funds for our Parish Family, including resources for our Finish the Church efforts, which is considered part of our Standard Expenses. 

We want to thank all of you for your continued support.  In next week’s bulletin, we hope to showcase to you the entire year to date set of details, to show you how both our income and expenses fluctuate over the year, requiring the surpluses of our season in order to complete our efforts over the summer months.

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