Final Details Set for Trip to Philly with the Pope

wmof logo w fontsThe Archdiocese of Philadelphia has provided some of the final details we need for our parish trip for the World Meeting of Families in September. There are some good details, and some that are changing our program a bit. The largest change is that the Archdiocese is not allowing for “weekenders”. Catholics that wish to be a part of the Mass with the Pope and the other Papal visit events must also be part of the entire week of meetings. We are very blessed to have already secured 50 rooms for the entire weekend within the city, a massive feat to say the least, so we can comfortably attend all the meetings and programs. You will find a full set of details, including contact information for our Travel Agent, All Aboard Travel, on page XX of this bulletin as well as online at our website. This is such an important opportunity to voice our discernment for the future of the Catholic faith, I am looking forward to being there with as many parishioners as possible.


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