CYO Shapes Youth’s Lives

Saint John Builds Youth Programs for the Future of the Catholic Church

When we first set out with our vision for engaging the future of the church here in Naples, it became apparent quickly that the youth of the area (and their families) were being fed with programs and activities at other denominations as well as secular programs. How could we ensure our children would integrate our Catholic Social Teaching and Belief Structure into their lives beyond the hour a week of Mass and Faith Formation? For many of our Parish Family, CYO was the answer for them. Catholic Youth Organization, or CYO was the place where life-long friendships were kindled on the basketball court. Spouses were met at dances and socials. Purpose to help the homeless was developed during trips to the soup kitchen. CYO integrates our faith and our community into the youth of our Parish Family.

Unfortunately, we found that been defunct in the state of Florida for over 36 years now. That was not acceptable to us, so we have started CYO back up here at Saint John and spearheaded its growth for the entire area. The fruits of this labor are already showing the tremendous promise of bringing families to the church and to our faith. Our new Life Center is ideally suited and up for this task. Please help us continue the success of bringing youth and families to our faith through our CYO activities through your support, participation (we always can use a cheering section, along with coaches and instructors), and prayers.

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