Church Re-Opens on June 29!

Join us for the first Mass back in the Church and Celebrate Its Completion

It is hard to believe that nearly one year ago, our Parish Family was moved out of our Sanctuary. There were significant concerns that the structural ceiling above our heads was damaged by Hurricane Irma beyond saving. The pews were warped from the water that seeped into the building. The carpet was ruined. The organ pit had flooded. Rain had driven deep into the air conditioning duct work and throughout the building. While we had cleaned it and stabilized it enough to utilize the building through the 2017-2018 season, we had to open it up as soon as possible to find out just how bad and how deep the damage really was.

We were blessed to find only about 10% of the ceiling required repair, but the extensive and pervasive damage throughout the building needed to be addressed. Since we were opening up nearly every wall of the church already, requiring a significant displacement of our Parish Family, it was determined that we should take this opportunity to renovate and renew the facility at the same time as repairing the issues from the hurricane. It has been a long road of recovery for the building, and we thank our partners, Gates Construction, Studio + Architects, Baker Liturgical, the Diocese Building Office, and Collier County for assisting us in this journey.

Please join us on Saturday, June 29, at 3 PM, for the official re-opening of our new church. Bishop Dewane will be dedicating and consecrating our new Altar and we will have tours prior to the Mass for those interested in learning about the changes. A reception will follow in the Pulte Family Life Center to celebrate the completion of our entire campus.

Here is a photo walk-through of our year of renewal of our church:

We hope that this new church will serve our community for decades to come!

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