Campus Lighting Upgrades Commence: Thank You for Your Patience

Love is the only invincible weapon, because it has the power to disarm the forces of evil. – Pope Francis

We have been holding off on some of the major projects for our Parish Family and our campus until we made it past Easter.  There are an extensive amount of activities to accomplish this summer, from a new roof on the church to revamping the air conditioning within the Claussen Center to repairing the damaged doors on the Parish Activity Center.  All of this, of course, occurring at the same time we will be finalizing the construction of the Life Center.  It is going to be busy on campus, for sure.

One item that we have begun immediately now that Easter is behind us is our new exterior lighting system, which will ensure safe and visible usage of the entire grounds of Saint John at all times.  There will be large lighting poles in the parking lots, taking the wonderful setup in the new front lot area and continuing it all the way through to the back lot.  At the same time, we will have a safe pedestrian environment that covers all the locations, from our gardens and courtyards to all the walkways.  The location that we are paying special attention to is our Memorial Garden.  There will be a new layout to the lighting within the Memorial Garden to create a warm and comfortable space for those that visit in the evening and in the early morning.  This new structure will require us to perform work in the Memorial Garden, to include times where parts of the Garden will be closed to visitation for a short time.  This will ensure the safety of the workers, the garden, those laid to rest, and you, who may be visiting a friend or loved one.  We will do everything in our power to expedite any closures, so we minimize the impact this work will have on our Garden. 

I continue to appreciate your patience and understanding as we improve our campus and repair the damage from Hurricane Irma.

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