Campaign Update: Tremendous Response from Our Parish Family

Let us be renewed by God’s mercy … and let us become agents of this mercy, channels through which God can water the earth, protect all creation and make justice and peace flourish. – Pope Francis

What a spectacular response we have received from all of you for our renewed Campaign effort to Finish the Church!  It is clear that the response to the church construction efforts has been nearly unanimously positive, and the gifts of our Parish Family have reflected that sentiment.  Our first Second Collection for the campaign, which will be held every first Sunday of the month going forward, gathered $74,896.00!  This amazing gift will be deposited to the loan to pay down the principal and ensure we can finalize this responsibility as quickly as possible.  This has increased our total Campaign fundraising to $436,550.00 to date.  We have several gifts that have been pledged as well, which puts a significant dent in our loan.

Many individuals and families have come forward to provide memorial gifts, so here is the current list of the major opportunities that are still available:

We still have several bricks that can be purchased, both the large sized and small.  Please do not hesitate to contact Jean-Paul Boucher, Business Manager, if you have any questions about this Campaign.

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