Bishop Extends Dispensation to November 27, 2020

Mask Wearing, Social Distancing, and Mass Streaming for At Risk Parish Family

Bishop Frank Dewane, out of an abundance of caution, has again extended the Dispensation for the Faithful from attending Mass for our Diocese through November 27, 2020. 

For those who feel called spiritually to attend Mass, Bishop Dewane, our Clergy, and Staff welcome you back to Church in person. We continue to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your attendance. In fact, we continue to need your assistance in respecting the life of everyone that attends Mass at Saint John by following our policies and procedures, including:

  1. Continuing to require wearing masks properly, including over your mouth and nose, during the entire Mass.
  2. Staying a respectful social distance from other individuals and families while in the church building.
  3. Providing your generous offerings to our Ushers at the Exit Doors of the Church as you depart.  You will see that the back-wing doors are now available for your exit only after Mass concludes.  Ushers will be posted there as well.

If you are at-risk, or have health concerns, please continue to participate joyfully in our Masses virtually.  You can find Masses on our website, including our Daily Mass, and multiple weekend Masses, including an on-demand video of the Mass available at any time.

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