Ask the GM: Updates

Ask the GM: Status Updates

It has been a little while since I have been able to discuss some of the more banal details of our Parish Family, from the campus changes to our CFA Goal to a super-secret surprise that has been a question from nearly everyone.  Here we go:

Memorial Garden is Complete

We have officially filled our beautiful Memorial Garden this past week with the last plots being sold by our Bookkeeper, Karen Beebe.  The only spots that are still available are specifically reserved for our Knights of Columbus members and their families.  Taking care of our loved ones’ final resting place is one of the most sacred responsibilities we have as a Parish Family, and with the addition of several mature Oak trees to provide the shade we have been missing since Hurricane Irma, we will be able to ensure its beauty and its safety for perpetuity.

New Pedestrian Access to the Ballroom for Mass (and a preview of the Life Center)

We have completed a brand-new component of our campus, a fully pedestrian-friendly walkway from the Back Parking Lot that leads to all the various buildings, including directly into our temporary worship space.  If you are sitting in the Ballroom right now, if you look to your left (unless you happen to be a priest or Lector on the Altar), you will see two sets of double doors.  Those doors lead to this stone walkway that is an easy way to travel from the parking in the back of the campus.  Along your walk, you will get to peek at the Pulte Family Life Center, so the next time you drive onto campus, please go ahead and park in this newly redesigned lot so you can easily walk to Mass.

Reminder of Parking Regulations

Speaking about parking, we have noticed that there is a small minority of our Parish Family or visitors that are parking illegally, either in the fire lanes around the entrances to the Parish Activity Center, or in travel lanes.  These locations must be kept open and clear so that emergency vehicles can access our facilities effectively.  Please consider the fact that someone could have a heart attack or heat exhaustion and may require emergency services, so where you park does matter.  There are plenty of parking around our campus and everyone should also respect our signage for priority parking for handicapped individuals.  Please help us with the safety and respect of all members of our Parish Family.

When is the Life Center Opening?

There are so many events planned for Saint John the Evangelist coming up soon, but where will be be hosting these programs and activities?  Well, we are very proud to be able to announce that the Pulte Family Life Center will be opening for Father Bob’s 25th Anniversary of Ordination on October 28.  Pease come to the 11 AM Mass and then walk over from the Ballroom right into the Life Center to explore and enjoy our Parish Family’s first opportunity to see the entirety of the future of Catholic Engagement in Naples.  Our Parish Family will be able to sign up and begin using the Life Center beginning on October 29, and access to the facility will be free until 2019.  Events and activities will be paid for using our new online Events RSVP capability, which many of you have already started to use for concerts and programs like Faith and Wine.  We will have Catholic Youth Organization and Catholic Adult Organization information available as well as some fun activities for all ages, and you can see it taking shape as part of our new calendar addition to the bulletin this week.  Please give us your feedback so we can ensure it provides you with all the details you are looking for.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have provided prayers and support to me and our entire staff here at Saint John.  We are doing everything possible to provide a joyous and loving environment in our Church for anyone who steps on campus, and we appreciate all of your patience, flexibility, and good will.  God Bless You!

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