2022 Mass Intention Book Opens January 25, 2021

How to Have A Mass “Said” for a Loved One

As our Parish Family has continued to expand and attract more members to our church, one question we have been consistently asked is: How can I have a Mass said for a loved one?  This has been challenging in the past, with some confusion as to how to ask for a Mass Intention, the person or family the priest prays for during a Mass.  There has also been difficulty in requesting Masses due to the volume of requests we receive on an annual basis, far more than the amount of Masses celebrated at Saint John.

Our clergy and staff have come up with some consistent guidelines to assist in ensuring as many people as possible can receive the prayers of our Parish Family, especially for those who have lost a loved one and desire to memorialize them.  These policies will be in effect beginning with the 2022 Mass Intention requests, which we are opening for requests beginning January 25, 2021:

  1. Only 1 Mass Intention can be provided for each Mass.
  2. Each individual can request up to 5 Masses a year.
  3. An individual or family can have up to 5 Mass Intentions said for them in a year.
  4. Mass Intentions are provided in a first, come, first served fashion for the dates and Mass times requested.
  5. Mass Intention requests must be made at the Front Office of Saint John, and cannot be requested of the priests in the Church or in other locations.  You may call or walk into the Office during our normal business hours to select your Mass Intention(s).
  6. Mass Intentions are $10 a Mass.  This is a Diocesan requirement.  If additional gifts would like to be provided over that amount, a separate payment should be provided.  Cash can only be given in exact change, and checks and credit cards can be used as well.

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