Youth Engaged with the Sacraments

The Saint John Parish Family Welcomes Youth into Communion and Confirmation

While these wonderful moments of receipt of the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation should be seen as “graduation”, they are indeed moments to celebrate for our youth and families!

Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation is an exciting time for high school youth. Confirmation encompasses two years of preparation, typically in ninth and tenth grade. However, each program year often includes students in eleventh and twelfth grade who have not yet received this sacrament. We view the program as a journey, rather than a race. In this way young adults are afforded the opportunity to explore their faith at a reasonable pace given the myriad of other obligations that occupy time in their lives. Students study the faith, choose sponsors to help them along their journey, and get to learn more about their chosen Saint who will provide inspiration to each candidate through extraordinary stories of living the faith. Our confirmation program is open to ALL high school age youth. We meet on either Sunday mornings or evenings throughout the school year.

First Communion was so large this year (and due to our temporary Ballroom Sanctuary) that we had two separate First Communion Masses. This allowed for the children to sit with their families, a wonderful new structure that engaged the entire Congregation in the celebration. Afterward, the Social Ministry served cake and drinks to the families so they could continue their joyous day here at Saint John.

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