Summer Camps Take Over Campus in June

everest-vbs-2015-logoThere are few churches in the area that I know of that have such a packed schedule of events, even now, during summer. From community support programs like Al-Anon, to ministry meetings, to bereavement support, it is a hopping campus, morning, noon, and night. We have an especially packed summer coming up, with new programs designed to showcase Saint John as a place where your soul, spirit, body, and mind can be supported. For example, if you have not seen some of the new Nursing Ministry-sponsored health programs, I highly recommend taking a look, especially if you are interested in wellness for “experienced individuals”.

Boy_Scouts_of_America_corporate_trademark.svgThe month of June is going to be a change for many groups here on campus, so if you are involved in programs that normally meet here, please speak with the office or the leader of your group. For the first two weeks of June (8th-12th and 15th-19th), every single room in our facilities will be utilized all day and all night for two special summer camps, our own Vacation Bible School (which you can read more about in the upcoming weeks) and the local Boy Scout Camp, which supports all the local troops, including the Cub Scouts. In addition, for the remainder of the summer, our STEAM Summer Camp will be held in the mornings and afternoons in the Parish Life Center Classrooms, which will require some groups to migrate over to the Claussen Center for their meetings. By building these new programs and events, we will continue to enliven our faith in all age groups and support and encourage joyous and loving involvement in our Parish Family.


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