SJE Teams Up with Blue Zones to Show Gratitude for COVID Heroes

Celebrate Your Heroes with the SJE / Blue Zones Bellagram

Has a healthcare worker recently taken care of you or someone you love? Do you know an essential worker at a grocery store, restaurant, religious organization, or utility company that has put their safety on the line for our health and livelihood? Do you wish there was some way you could show your gratitude for their compassion, devotion, and service to the community? Join us for the Daily Bellagram, where we will post the first names of the courageous individuals you would like to thank, as well as to toll the bells of our church every day in their honor.

Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church is teaming up with our health and wellness partner, the Blue Zones Project Southwest Florida, to provide just that type of acknowledgement and appreciation. With every facet of our lives transformed by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the international response required to save lives, Blue Zones Project and Saint John wanted to find a way to positively unite our community in North Naples. The sounding of the church bells at 2:20 PM on a daily basis expresses the our thanks to all that have sacrificed themselves for our community.

If you would like to submit a name to be shared in our Bellagram, which will appear on this website below, in the Saint John the Evangelist Bulletin on a weekly basis, and in the Blue Zone Project Newsletters, please email our address with the first name of the individual, along with their occupation or your reason for the gratitude, and they will be prayed for and thanked on a daily basis by our Parish Family and the Naples Community.

We Are Grateful For:

BenPublix Clerk
ShepFood and Beverage Director
Assisted Living Facility
PennyExecutive Director
Assisted Living Facility
JoLynnRegistered Nurse
Arun PaulPriest
JenniferER Nurse
BrucePulmonologist /
Critical Care Specialist
BethPhysical Therapist
Staff at
Wynn’s Market
Grocery –
Keeping us Fed!
Bakery StaffStrand Publix
LisaCommunity Health Partners
JaimeCommunity Health Partners
SusieCommunity Health Partners
AnabelCommunity Health Partners
SandiCommunity Health Partners
JosieCommunity Health Partners
MembersKnights of Columbus
Council 11281

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