Saint John Needs You… As a Catechist!

IMG_0177Have you ever wanted to enliven the spirit of our youth with your knowledge and joy of our faith?

Have you aspired to strengthen the faith of others around you (and in doing so, may strengthen your own)?

Have you felt the Holy Spirit inside you, and wanted to share that joy and happiness?


If you have felt any yearning to engage your faith in a deeply engrossing and tangible way, becoming a Catechist may be just what you are looking for.  The role of a Catechist is to teach the faith of the Catholic Church both by word and by example.  At Saint John, that translates to our Faith Formation program, where youth from pre-kindergarten through tenth grade are instructed and inspired to learn, love, and live our faith.

We are looking for joyous and engaging men and women that would love to teach the future of our Church what we believe and why we believe it.  Please contact Margie Lynch at: or (239) 566-8740 if you are interested.


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