Respect Life – Life Matters

Recently, I saw a prayer request on a faith group to which I belong. The request was for a young man named Jason who was in a horrible car accident. The initial reports stressed that there was no paralysis. He was put into a medically induced coma to ensure he did not move and risk further damage. The following day, we were told the parents were being pushed into signing a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order for their son. After an evening in prayer, I sent a message to the parents asking them to resist the DNR order. I do not personally know the parents and I can only imagine their pain, but I fear they will be led astray in our crazy world where too many of these decisions are being made in the name of utility, rather than in the name of life and the sanctity of every human being. The Christian world does not question the “quality of life”. Christians ask only “Is there life?” The answer is to always resuscitate a living man without thought to the kind of life he may or may not have to endure in the future. I know there may be folks ready to line up and debate me on this. But, as Christians we are asked to resist the messages coming from the world that says a life of suffering has no value, or that a life woven with pain is not a life worth living. Life always has innate value.

We need to let God alone make these life and death decisions and put all of our trust in Him. Please pray for Jason and his family. Please pray for our confused world.

– Loretta Judy

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