Organizations in the Bulletin: First Step

home-ministry-spotlight-3Last week, I introduced the new structure for the organizations that are integrated here at St. John, including three major categories that help us shape the role of the church to achieve our mission: operational, ministry, and group.  As you will see next week, we are taking the first step in communicating the various opportunities to be involved here by separating them in the bulletin on different pages.  Operational organizations are now at the very front of the bulletin, along with the staff and clergy.  The impact of these groups on the mission essential functions of the parish, namely serving Mass and sacramental services to our Parish Family, deserve such a position.  Ministries will now have an entire page in which their message, along with contact information, can be visible.  Groups have been put together on another page, so those looking for those types of activities can easily find them.

As we have described in the Ministry Town Halls, Ministries and Groups have a lifecycle.  They are born from an idea and some wonderful people getting together.  As that idea grows and more people are interested in joining and helping, we now have resources to assist with the development of that group and if desired, growing it into a ministry of St. John.  There are ebbs and flows during that lifecycle, with membership and leadership transitions, new ideas for growth, and changes in mission.  Sometimes, when a ministry or group no longer has the capability to fulfill its mission, it should disband.  That is the nature of ministry and we should embrace this lifecycle, which will allow for resources and focus to be dedicated to what our Parish Family wants and needs.

This effort is a work-in-progress and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Rick Beebe and the Pastoral Stewardship Council.  Thank you all for your patience and responsiveness to our active Parish Family.

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