New Opportunity for Volunteering: A/V Ministry

A/V Ministry Streams Mass for Thousands to Watch

We are so very blessed to be able to provide one of the most engaging and high-quality online Mass experiences in the area, and even in the country.  We receive tremendous feedback on a weekly basis on our streaming Masses, from our Parish Family Members that are unable to come to Mass due to the inherent risk during this Pandemic, as well as for those that are out of the area, and even from wonderful virtual guests that have found us through our various Internet environments and media connections.  Our viewership continues to be impressive, with around 8,000 views (impressions) a weekend:

This has continued to translate into wonderful gifts to our Parish Family, some of which are coming from around the county, through our Online Giving System.  It has buoyed our Parish Environment during these extremely challenging times.  We see our Virtual Masses as an essential service that we are providing to our Parish Family and Friends.

Streaming our Masses takes a mixture of skills both in technology and the arts.  Framing shots that engage the virtual audience as well as being able to hear the difference in the voices of the Priest, Cantor, and Lector to make subtle changes are all visual and audio arts, perfectly suited to an A/V Ministry.  As such, we would love to find members of our Parish Family that would be interested in learning these skills and our system in order to assist us in continuing this capability permanently.  We will be streaming our Daily Masses and as many Weekend Masses as we can and in order to do so, we need Ministry members willing to commit to shooting the Masses.  The tasks of this Ministry would entail managing the video cameras and sound system of the church during the Mass, providing an engaging experience for our virtual Parish Family Members who are watching remotely. 

If you would like to assist us with broadcasting our Masses online, please reach out to JP Boucher, our Business Manager, at, so he can set up a time to introduce you to the system.

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