New Donation Bin Installed and Operating for Clothing and Sundries for Immokalee

You may have noticed when driving back behind the church near the office, a bright-blue, brand-new structure outside the Parish Life Center Building. This is our donation bin, generously donated by a parishioner. It will be used to gather and store clothing and sundry donations for our Immokalee Mission Team, our collaborative outreach group to assist the organizations and individuals in Immokalee. We have always received donations in an unstructured way here at Saint John, and while it has been through the goodness of our volunteers and staff to attempt to gather these donations and deliver them, they would be placed all over the campus, in the church, in the hallways, causing tripping hazards. Now, all clothing and sundries can be deposited in this easy-to-access donation bin. This bin is not for food donations, even non-perishables, as it will not be checked daily. In the coming weeks we will have the Saint John and Immokalee Mission Team logos painted on this bin so it will be a constant reminder that we can always give something to those in need, including our prayers.

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