Much to be Thankful For

Looking around our campus, there is so much to be thankful for.  Saint John the Evangelist not only survived over $4 million in damage from Hurricane Irma, we are emerging from that disaster stronger and more alive than before.  The Pulte Family Life Center is coming into its own, alive with activities for the whole area.  Our other buildings are improving and expanding with new resources like our upcoming Library.  We are truly blessed.

One of our additional blessings from Hurricane Irma is the renewal of the entirety of our church.  While we had planned on some smaller renovations along with the roof replacement, the damage from the storm has allowed us to expand our efforts to create and enhance our Liturgical worship space and make it a beacon of hope and joy for decades to come.  This effort, of course, comes with some trade-offs.  As we talked about last week, the increase in the effort will require more time out of the church building for our Masses and Services, stretching our campus and our collective patience.  I truly appreciate your flexibility and hope the temporary sanctuaries we have created do not lessen your resolve to participate in our faith here at St. John.  I hope it will help us all enjoy our new church together.

So, please do not anticipate that once you see the roof completed that we will be moving back in.  We have a wonderful, but complex road in front of us, filled with new pews, fonts, lighting, flooring, statues, and countless other details that will enliven the Catholic Faith for all that enter St. John.  God Bless You!

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