Ministry Spotlight – CAO

What is the CAO?

Our new Catholic Adult Organization (CAO) is a persistent and constant set of programs here at Saint John to enrich and engage every age of adult, from 18 to 118, Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.  CAO will ensure event and activities are as inclusive as possible for our Parish Family and the community we serve, providing support for special needs and in particular those in the most advanced years of their lives.

CAO Structure

Over the past year, we have described the new Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and the new Catholic Adult Organization (CAO).   The CYO is off and running, providing programs that have attracted our youth to the Saint John the Evangelist Campus and the events and programs within.   The Adult-focused CAO program leadership has spent the past few months communicating and reaching out to our Ministries and Groups here at St. John.   During that time, the CAO Team has taken input solicited from our Parishioners, Ministries, and Town Hall Meetings to put in place the initial programs, activities, as well as the structure needed to implement them.

The intent of the CAO is to help existing St. John Programs, Events, Outreach, and Spiritual Offerings, by offering an organized approach to ensure those programs planned are well communicated, scheduled and resourced as necessary.   A major effort has been made to utilize our facilities and resources in a manner that can address the growing needs our Parish Family, focused on the Mission of St. John: To Know, To Love, and To Serve.

The time is upon us to begin to offer all this hard work to our Parish Family and to the surrounding Community.

Over the next few weeks, a New CAO Monthly Newsletter and Calendar will be provided.   This newsletter will provide spotlights on special events for the Month as well as illustrate ongoing activities, which could be daily, weekly, or monthly programs.  Some planned adult-centric activities for the Parish focusing on our 4 major categories of programs (similar to CYO):

Sports and Wellness

  • Bocce League: Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Pick Up Basketball Night: Wednesdays
  • Zumba: Tuesdays and Saturdays

Social and Spiritual

  • Brown Bag Thursdays: Get together with friends in the new 5 Saints Café with inexpensive lunch options
  • SoulCore: nourish body AND soul through prayer and core strengthening, functional exercise on Friday mornings
  • We Served: Monday morning social opportunity for Veterans in the 5 Saints
  • A Knight Out: Friday Night Happy Hour with drink specials and unique entertainment
  • Educational Opportunities: Learn Spanish or how to Use that new Technology Gadget

Arts and Music

  • Concert Series: Various musical programs the Second Thursday of every month
  • Instruction: Learn to play Piano or Guitar
  • Open Mic Night: Bring your talent to the stage at the 5 Saints every first Thursday


  • Music Therapy: Sessions for Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Movies: Selected Movies and Assistance in Traveling to St. John
  • Special Activities: For the Fundamentally Disabled.

We are excited to begin the implementation of the new programs and facilities over the next month, and hope for full implementation in the October/November time frame.   We hope there is something for everyone within the CAO, no matter your interests or your age.   If you are interested in volunteering to support any of the new programs, please drop by the Parish Office and leave your name and contact information or email our CAO Coordinator Bill Warvel at:   A CAO Committee Representative will get back you shortly.

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