Lector Ministry –Lovers of the Word, Breathing Life into Scripture

“Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word of Christ” Romans 10:17

The Ministry of the Lector is not voluntary public speaking and these skills are secondary to what is most important.  First and foremost, this ministry is an invitation to a deep and honest reflection of our individual journey with Jesus Christ.  Lectors are called to bring all that they are into the presence of God and to appreciate the effect of the Word of God on themselves and to those to whom they proclaim this living text.

St. John is proud to offer the opportunity to proclaim the Word for both Adults and Youth.  Youth that would like to explore this opportunity should contact the office at (239) 566-8740.  Interested Adults can learn more below and contact our Lector Ministry Lead at: lectors@sjecc.com.

The Saint John the Evangelist Adult Lector Ministry is unique to the usual standards and practices of other parishes.   We meet every three weeks to break open the scripture for the following three weekend liturgies and prayerfully prepare each lector for their unique and personal proclamation of the Word of God.

Lectors convey, through their readings, a better understanding of the scriptures:

  • This communication of the scriptures draws parishioners closer to God, and contributes to the celebration of the Mass
  • This ministry rewards both lectors and parishioners through the effective delivery of the Word of God
  • Between the text of the scriptures and the parishioners stands the lector, communicating the Word of Life to allow God to touch hearts and lives
  • Effective proclamation is intrinsic to the celebration of the Mass.   As a part of the Liturgy of the Word we are called to convey the transforming Word of Christ
  • The lector ministry at St. John the Evangelist provides an opportunity for individuals to learn the true meaning of scripture and convey the Word of God through their proclamation

Lector Preparation Meetings:

  • Lectors attend preparation meetings and break open the scriptures for the upcoming weeks.
  • The enhanced understanding of scripture reinforces the spiritual development of the lector
  • Lector preparation develops communication skills, resulting in increased confidence and development of unique gifts to draw people closer to God
  • Experience as a public speaker is NOT a requirement; all are welcome to experience the fulfillment and growth that comes from participation in this ministry

 God does not call the equipped but equips the called.  Hebrews 13:21

Additional Background and Documentation

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