Getting #ToKnow the Parish Staff – Director of Religious Education Natalie Campbell

Natalie Campbell March 2015 IMG_1205It seems like only yesterday that I was using this forum to introduce (and re-introduce) Natalie Campbell to the Parish Family. Natalie had the role as Father John’s Assistant for several years. However, when Margie Lynch needed to retire in the middle of the Faith Formation year, we called on her to assist us get through the year. She not only was able to support the scheduling and communication of the Faith Formation program for our over 300 students, she was able to restructure the program to include engaging events like the post-Communion Family Dinner. It became clear that Natalie was what I call a “Type A” individual for the church. She is warm and caring, able to plan and direct, but flexible and pastoral in all aspects of her efforts.

Did you know that Saint John is one of only a few Faith Formation programs (used to be called CCD, or catechism classes) in the area that still provides a weekly education in our faith? Many other churches have moved towards monthly instruction. We believe the #ToKnow part of our faith is crucial to understanding and living as Catholics in the world, with service to and active participation in our church and our community. That requires a consistent learning environment. Natalie is already hitting the ground running and taking steps to enhance our educational programs for children and adults alike. Please join me in congratulating Natalie in her new role and thanking her for taking on such a huge responsibility for the future of our Parish Family.

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