Getting #ToKnow Our Parish Grounds: Adoration Chapel Open 24 Hours a Day for Worship with the Blessed Sacrament

For many of our Parish Family, the church is the singular part of our campus they interact with, aside from the parking lots and walkways. We are much more than the church, which will always be the core of our community and our faith. As part of our continuing illustration of Saint John as an enlivening, inviting place for our parish and our community, I wanted to showcase some lesser-known areas of our facilities and grounds. Hopefully, you will get a chance to visit them the next time you come.

IMG_2445It is a small, unassuming glass door on the church, tucked away from the front entrance, and very few people walk past it since it is not in the main traffic areas to and from the church main doors. It is completely different than the rest of the doors into our church, with a small keypad on the right of the handle. Within that door is a small room, our Adoration Chapel. With the flick of a pulley, our parishioners have access to pray, reflect, and worship before a monstrance containing the consecrated host, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Several parishioners have asked me for details on how they could have specific opportunities for devotion, as well as for perpetual adoration. My answer to them is we have a quiet, contemplative space for the beautiful prayers and faithful worship that defines us a Catholics. If you have not visited this spiritual oasis, please call or come to the office and we can give you the access code. With the Feast of Corpus Christi coming up next week, this is a wonderful time to help all of our Parish Family members find an opportunity to spend time with the Blessed Sacrament in a way that fits our individual schedules.

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