Did You Know? Saint John Leads Thanksgiving in the Park for Over 1600 in Immokalee

The Guadalupe Center of Immokalee joined Father John in the final transfer of one of the largest food service projects in Collier County, Thanksgiving in the Park, to our leadership.  This past Thanksgiving, Saint John spearheaded a team of volunteers from across the area in preparing and then serving a warm Thanksgiving meal for over 1600 individuals at the Airport Park in Immokalee.  Up until last year, Thanksgiving in the Park had been led by the Guadalupe Center, an early education center focusing on providing opportunities for the underprivileged youth of the area.  A large-scale food service activity was not a part of their core mission, and we have been working on the transition for 3 years.  Dawn Montecalvo and Kelly Krupp of Guadalupe Center provided a pre-identified donation of $48,000 to Saint John as the last step of the transition of the program to ensure Saint John can support those most in need with this wonderful moment for years to come.  If you have not seen the pictures of Thanksgiving in the Park, please take a look.

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