Pastoral Council

StewardshipThe major responsibilities of St. John’s stewardship program falls under the purview of the Pastoral Stewardship Council. The Council’s mission is to create awareness of God’s gifts of time, talent and treasure and to encourage their use to the best of one’s ability for the good of the Parish. The Council works through the various commissions and ministries of St. John’s to help its parishioners better understand that these gifts have been given by the Lord, at no cost, and should be returned to the Lord with abundance.

As part of the “New Wineskin” of Saint John’s programs and efforts, the Pastoral Stewardship Council has been asked to support and assist all Ministries with their valuable foci.  The presentation of the Ministry Invigoration Program can be found here.

Additionally, in April of 2017, we began holding our bi-annual Ministry Town Hall Meetings, to describe the mission and function of our Parish Family, as well as the the efforts and activities to support the Ministries and Groups here at Saint John.  Please find the Agendas and Slides for these meetings below:

Council President: Rick Beebe

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