BYOD Mass and Communion Opportunity on Saturday Afternoons

Attend Mass Virtually and Receive Communion in Your Vehicle

We are blessed at Saint John the Evangelist to have such dedicated clergy that are always thinking about ways to connect with our Parish Family and bring them the joy, healing, and grace of the Catholic Faith, even during these challenging times. It is clear that even with the vaccine distribution expanding, those at risk members of our family should continue to keep themselves safe and healthy by social distancing and avoiding indoor crowds. Unfortunately, for many, that has meant watching our Masses online, rather than joining us within our Church Building of Overflow locations.

The wonderful response to our Ash Wednesday Masses and the opportunity to receive Communion and Ashes in a safe way in the vehicle illustrated the desire to participate as fully as possible in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We have been working on an option that we would like to begin providing on Saturday afternoons starting this weekend. We will have the 3 PM Mass available wirelessly in our Back Parking Lot (normally used for the Pulte Family Life Center).

Please drive to the Back Parking Lot prior to Mass time and park, taking traffic direction from our Knights of Columbus. We will have enhanced networking available for you to “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), like an iPad or your phone. You can then watch the Mass in your vehicle. Once Mass concludes, the Knights will assist you with traffic support to line up for a priest, who will provide Communion in your vehicle. You will also be able to bring your Offertory Envelopes to be deposited while in this car line. You can then depart the campus, filled with the Holy Spirit and the joy of our faith.

As we continue to provide this option every Saturday during our COVID-19 Pandemic Response, please bear with us as we refine these processes and improve our service to our Parish Family.

How to Access the Mass While On Campus

Some questions have been asked about how you will be able to access the streaming Mass while sitting in the Back Parking Lot. We have devised a temporary capability to provide wireless networking to the entire lot so you can sit in your vehicle comfortably and watch the Mass, prior to receiving Communion. Here are the steps:

Our Temporary Wireless Access Point for the Parking Lot
  1. Park Your Vehicle, preferably in the center row of the Back Parking Lot (seen in the Campus Map image above)
  2. Turn on your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.)
  3. Looks for the wireless network named “SJECC – Guest”. You should be prompted to accept our usage terms and then you can hit “Continue to the Internet” at the bottom of that page. If you do not see the terms when you connect, please use your web browser to attempt to go to a website, and it should pop up then.
  4. Go to our Streaming Mass Page:

That is it!

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