2014-2015 Faith Formation Registration is Now Open

logoIt has always been the aspiration of Saint John to provide a cohesive and complete religious education program for our parish youth and families. More importantly, it is essential for the faith of our children to have a continuous catechesis that engages them in their minds, hearts and souls so they will enjoy and engage learning every year, not just when they are preparing for a sacrament. We continue to provide weekly classes, which provides consistency and commitment to religious education. We see the role of Faith Formation as core to our Parish Mission: the “To Know” of “To Know, To Love, and To Serve God in His Church and Our Community”. We are happy to announce the expansion of our Faith Formation Program to include children from Pre-K to 10th Grade as well as an invigoration of the catechesis program to ensure loving, joyous, dedicated and devoted instructors and program material.

Here are the 2014-2015 Faith Formation Forms.  Please download and fill out.  When complete, please bring to the main office or mail to Saint John:

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