Synod of Bishops: Listening and Discussing the Pastoral Perspectives of Family

62658The progress and engagement of our church in growing to meet the pastoral challenges of family in the real world around us is simply amazing.  With our recent message about what the current Extraordinary Synod of the Bishops, we introduced the concepts and plans that the Bishops, laity, and our Holy Father would discuss.  In an effort to be transparent, (unprecedented in our church’s history), they have released the initial discussion documents from the first section of the Synod, the “Relatio post disceptationem“.  This is a very important document that should be read directly (not through the lens of a media outlet) to understand the underpinnings our leaders are asking all of us to discern.  Difficult questions and themes are being discussed to ensure we as Catholics are providing love, joy and acceptance of all types of families, taking special care of children, especially those in difficult physical, mental and emotional situations, and providing an inclusive faith to any wishing to become part of our parish family.  Let us all pray for the Synod that they continue the work of the Holy Spirit and grow the love and faith of our Church.

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